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Auditory Binding Experiment Human Subject Information

As a participant in any research study you must be fully informed of the potential risks and benefits. In this experiment, no known or imaginable harm can conceivably occur to you except perhaps frustration if you are unable to detect auditory binding. Even though there is no requirement for formal human subjects review under the Department of Health and Human Services Code of Federal Regulations Part 46 there may remain unknown and unimaginable hazards for some people under certain circumstances presently unforseeable. You are venturing into unexplored territory in your own mind, and nobody can guarantee for you with absolute 100% certainty that no dangers lurk there. Unstable people, please filter yourselves out now.

Potential Risks

  • Drug interactions: do not attempt to perform this experiment while under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive drugs, especially caffeine. Caffeine will probably prevent you from experiencing auditory binding, and there's no way to know what other drugs might do to you, we'll do those experiments later. For now a clear head is essential to reduce the risk that you might not experience auditory binding.
  • There are no guarantees. You may not experience AB, and you are responsible for conducting your self-experiments safely. Don't try to do this while skydiving or driving, be sensible.
If, after reading the detailed instructions you'll receive by email after signing up to be a first person researcher, you have the slightest doubt that this experiment is safe for you, please do not do it.

Potential Benefits

  • A satisfied curiosity: is this for real?
  • Discovering a new feature of your own mind's inner landscape.
  • Being among the first to ever perceive their own AB.
  • Advancing human knowledge about mind-brain interaction.
This is participatory science, which you can do whether you're 8 or 80 (no age limits apply). If you are under 18 years of age however, you should let your parents know about it (just like anything else you do), and if they tell you not to, don't.

By being a first person researcher/test subject in this experiment you agree to assume full responsibility for conducting the auditory binding experiment in a safe manner and hold the principal investigator, Dr. Karl Simanonok, harmless for any unexpected, unpleasant experiences you might have. [CODE = 2392] <- Enter this code number on the signup form to prove that you have reviewed the human subject information for this experiment.